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Leverage your possibilities with us and venture into the journey of career development. Joining iMAZING gives you the opportunity to take your career to the next level. Our inspiring real estate experts, the active workplace, and the professional working style are keys to your future success.

No matter if people are looking for real estate negotiators in Malaysia, iMAZING is just one call away. iMAZING plays the role of meeting property demands through dedicated and thoughtful assistance, patiently working with individuals, and providing our clients with satisfaction.

A strong foundation in real estate knowledge and an understanding of the surrounding areas are our top priorities. You will be professionally trained and exposed to practical cases, reinforcing and upgrading your skills as a real estate negotiator in Malaysia by applying your knowledge and learning along the way.

If you are looking for real estate recruitment agencies in Malaysia that could grant you breakthroughs toward a brighter future in the industry, iMAZING is the place for you.

Why should you be part of our team?

Joining iMAZING is not simply becoming a real estate negotiator, but it is to take a step out of your zone and emerge yourself into the journey of self–growth and bring values for the community. In iMAZING, we will enhance your skills and use them to help clients find their dream properties.

High & Fast

Get fast and high-paying earnings. Our real estate training and mentoring will ensure you achieve your target income.

Good Teamwork Culture &
Life Transformation

Work with an inspiring team of real estate negotiators to fulfil your career and grow a successful journey of life transformation.

Working Hours

Work anytime, anywhere. Be your own boss and develop your skills as a real estate negotiator.

Overseas Travel Incentive & Rewards Program

iMAZING encourages you to break through your limits and set foot onto new levels with numerous incentives and rewards in your career.

Training &
Guidance Provided

With our intensive training, you will be well-equipped with everything you need to know about the property market.

You will definitely grow stronger and faster with the iMAZING real estate recruitment. Everything you need to know about the property market is now in your hands. The real estate negotiators at our facilities will ensure you the best guidance and personal support to produce exceptional results for our clients.

The better you perform, the more satisfied the client is, and the more you will gain. At iMAZING, everything is running on a performance-based commission that facilitates fast and high-paying earnings. Our training and mentoring will ensure you achieve your target income as your skill sets are refined day by day.

After receiving our intensive and professional training, you will be able to gain more insights and develop your real estate negotiation skills. Building on your self-values, and applying them back to the clients. As you work with iMAZING, we will provide you with the chance to widen your career path with a strong foundation delivered as you emerge into the work.

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waiting for?

What are you waiting for?

Join us now and get a Starter Kit at RM138* only. (Normal Fee : RM888)

Join us now and get a Starter Kit at RM138* only.
(Normal Fee : RM888)

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Prime your future with a promising career in real estate. Let’s serve the neighborhood, boast your skillset, and raise your career level to a new height.